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Pure play

The other day I did a workshop with students from Advanced Mathematical Economics III, which is more or less a pure maths course for economics students. It covers such things as mathematical logic, analysis and topology — all a bit intimidating for students who started out the degree with almost no mathematical background!
We had just […]

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Past Exam Vision

Students have just been told their exam results for Semester 1, and some of them are facing replacement exams. So we’ll be trotting out our standard suite of exam advice again, which will be all the more poignant now because these people tried to do it last time and failed!
One piece of advice we give […]

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Who tells you if you’re correct?

At our uni, the first year maths students do the majority of their assignments online using MapleTA, and this week MapleTA was having problems. As always happens with technology glitches, it was an absolute schemozzle. It was bad enough for students that it was intermitently not working at all, but what made it worse was […]

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Can I take a cheat sheet?

The first maths exams for the year are tomorrow, so recently I’ve been talking to more and more students about exams. To be clear, I’m not complaining about this! It’s a really important part of the MLC’s role to give students advice about exams, since they have such a huge impact on the students’ experience […]

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“Helping” Hands

In recent weeks, a new artwork has appeared on the walls of Hub central. They used to have people’s faces, and now they have people’s hands in various poses.
For some reason this reminds me of a particularly fascinating scene in the most excellent film “Labyrinth”, which you can check out on YouTube here:
Helping Hands YouTube
Here […]

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Bathelling in assignments

The Deeper Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd  defines the word bathel like this:
bathel (vb.) To pretend to have read the book under discussion when in fact you’ve only seen the TV series or movie.
I do not like to bathel, and in fact it is one of my life’s ambitions to find […]

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