Who am I?

My name is David Butler.

I’m one of the lecturers in the Maths Learning Centre at the University of Adelaide.

The Maths Learning Centre exists to help all students at the Uni of Adelaide learn the maths they need for their uni study.

I did a maths degree, and then a Grad Dip Ed and taught in high schools for a couple of years. Then I went back to Uni and did my PhD in Finite Geometry. Now I’m doing what I love and helping students learn maths every day.

In the rest of my life, I’m a loving husband, and a father of two beautiful girls. I enjoy reading childrens fiction, designing board and card games, and singing.

If you want to talk to me, please comment on the blog, or tweet to my Twitter handle which is @DavidKButlerUoA, or toot to my Mastodon handle, which is