2018 Elsevier Young Scientist Award Winner

Congratulations to Michael Hallam for winning the Elsevier Young Scientist Award in 2018! The award was presented at the workshop entitled, Index theory and applications to positive scalar curvature and related areas, funded by the Institute for Geometry and its Applications (Adelaide) and AMSI (Melbourne), held at University of Adelaide, June 4-8, 2018.

Michael Hallam is currently finishing his MPhil at the University of Adelaide under the supervision of Elder Professor Mathai Varghese and Dr David Baraglia. His research focuses on K-theoretic and analytic methods on noncompact manifolds. The title of his prize-winning talk was “EndPeriodic K-Homology and Spin Bordism” based on the joint paper. Michael Hallam was also the 2017 Bernard Neumann Prize winner for the best student talk at the Australian Mathematical Society’s annual meeting in Sydney in December 2017. He was admitted with full PhD scholarship at University of Oxford, commencing in September 2018.

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