Undergraduate Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

Title: Newton’s method in the case of non-simple and non-unique roots
Date and Time: Wednesday 3 October, 1:10 pm
Location: Ingkarni Wardli 218
Speaker: Dr Brendan Harding
Abstract: Newton’s method is a fundamental numerical method and is ubiquitous throughout scientific computing. However, there are cases where the method can behave unexpectedly. Two such cases are when a function has non-simple and/or several roots. This talk will describe techniques that can be used to compensate for these problems and in some cases improve on the usual method.

Recent Seminars

Title: From cows to inductive types; or What are numbers?
Date and Time:  Wednesday 5 September; 1:10 pm
Location: Room 218, Ingkarni Wardli
Speaker: Dr David Roberts
Abstract:We all use numbers every day, but have you stopped to think how numbers are defined? About what they are? What they should and cannot be? This talk will span several thousand years of the history of numbers, from ancient Mesopotamian accounting to contemporary structuralism.

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