Information about Summer Mathematics IB 2018/2019

Important dates

Last day to enrol online: Thursday 20th of December. No enrolments will be possible after this date.
Census Date: Monday 31st of December.

Teaching weeks are as follows:

Week 1: Monday 10th – Friday 14th of December,
Week 2: Monday 17th – Friday 21st of December,
Christmas/New Year break: 24th of December to 4th of January,
Week 3: Monday 7th – Friday 11th of January,
Week 4: Monday 14th – Friday 18th of January,
Week 5: Monday 21st – Friday 25th of January,
Public Holiday Monday 28th of January,
Week 6: Tuesday 29th – Friday 1st of February,
Week 7: Monday 4th of February (replacement for public holiday).

Mid Semester Test: Wednesday 16th of January.

Summer Maths IB Exam: Monday 18th of February.

How to enrol

Enrol via Access Adelaide.

Summer Mathematics IB enrolment is split into two parts, one for December and one for January. You must enrol in both parts.

Part 1 in December 2018 is currently open for enrolments and is listed on Access Adelaide under Term 4, MATHS 1012.
For further information, see Course Planner Part 1.

Part 2 in January 2019 will open for enrolments on Monday 3rd of December. Note: It has a different code: MATHS 1021.
For further information, see Course Planner Part 2.

No student will be permitted to enrol into Part 2 if they have not enrolled in Part 1.


Summer Maths IB is taught double time in 6 weeks instead of the usual 12 weeks. This means that there are 8 lectures per week, 2 tutorials per week and 2 assignments per week. Teaching days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (as can be seen on Course Planner or Access Adelaide). The only exception is Wednesday the 16th of January which is Mid Semester Test day.

Absences in December

Due to the unusual December start for Summer Maths IB, we have made the following two special arrangements to try and accommodate students who might have made travel plans in advance and can not be present during December.

1) Tutorials

The usual tutorial participation mark will be waived for all students in December. All students are still encouraged to attend and participate in tutorials in December if possible since this would be beneficial for learning.
All students will be expected to attend and participate during tutorials in January, and participation in January will contribute 5% of your final mark.

2) Assignments

Assignment marks will be calculated as the best of either (a) all assignments, or (b) only those due in January.
There will be assignments due in December. These are:

  • Calculus Written Assignment 1 and Maple TA Assignment 1, due Monday 17th of December,
  • Algebra Written Assignment 1 and Maple TA Assignment 1, due Thursday 20th of December.

These assignments will only count towards assignment totals if they improve your final mark.

The next assignments will be due in January. These are:

  • Calculus Written Assignment 2 and Maple TA Assignment 2, due Monday 7th of January.
  • Algebra Written Assignment 2 and Maple TA Assignment 2, due Thursday 10th of January.

All students will be expected to submit these assignments on time.The Monday/Thursday assignment pattern then continues for the rest of the teaching weeks.


Note that the two weeks of classes in December amounts to a total of 48 hours of study. This includes attending the lectures (or at least watching the recordings), revising lecture notes, doing the tutorial and practice questions, and all of the assignments.

48 hours is of course more than one week of full time work. If you have travel plans that would prevent you from completing all of this study before January 7th then you should not take Summer Maths IB, and instead wait for Semester 1 2019 Maths IB. There will be no time to catch up once classes resume on the 7th of January.

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