Why do an MBA?

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If you are reading this blog post, chances are you are thinking of studying a Master of Business Administration. MBA study requires significant commitment, so why do it?

Studying an MBA is great, but it depends on your motivation for doing it. What do you want to get out of it?

It is a LOT of work if you’re just after a bit of paper. The University of Adelaide’s MBA program is 12 units. The subjects are arranged around a trimester system, so if you do one subject at a time, three per year, it will take you four years to finish. Doing more than one unit at a time is difficult.

For each trimester, you’ll be giving up 3 hours per week for lectures, somewhere between two and seven hours a week preparing for them (reverse classroom style), and then there’s all the time spent on assignments and exam preparation.

Ok. So why do an MBA?

1.    Doing an MBA will re-wire your brain.
It’s not just about getting a better salary and some letters after your name. It will change you, for the better. You’ll think differently, and not just in work environments.

2. You’ll build an extensive management toolkit.
People say that management is largely about common sense, and in many ways this is true. However, it is important to recognise the significant research into businesses over the years, and that your common sense could benefit from this wisdom. By educating yourself, you will be adding to your management toolkit. You will learn frameworks and methodologies that make you a better manager.

3. You’ll have weekly interaction with managers outside of your organisation.
The benefit of regular interaction with managers from a wide range of industries can’t be underestimated. They will bring to the classroom experiences that you won’t have had, broadening your horizons and giving you fresh perspectives.

4. If you’re an aspiring manager, it will help you to believe that you can make that leap.
This one is really a function of the first three. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with managers of a higher capacity than yourself, your knowledge of management and leadership will grow, and you will feel more like a manager than you ever have. If you’re an aspiring manager, it may just be the kind of positive affirmation you need.

5. You’ll learn enough about specialist areas to hold your own.
MBA’s help to make you a generalist across all facets of running a company. You’ll get an understanding of accounting, marketing, strategy, organisational culture, economics, operations and law, to name a few.  This understanding, outside of your existing specialisation will be invaluable if you’re to become the leader you aspire to be.

6. You’ll make some cool friends.
This point doesn’t really need any words behind it. You’ll meet some great people, some will just be useful contacts, but others will go on to become great friends.

If you’re still unsure whether to do it, attend an information night where you will be able to speak with Damian (the MBA Director), your lecturers and maybe even current and past students.  I’m also happy to answer any of your questions, just comment below or contact me directly.

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  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for the post Andy. For me a great benefit has been not only rubbing shoulders with others outside of my organisation, but outside of my industry. It’s amazing how many accepted practices in one industry, are gems waiting to at least be trialed in mine!

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