Mechanical Engineering PhD student wins highly competitive Endeavour Scholarship

Congratulations to our current PhD student, Michael Evans who has recently been awarded a highly competitive Endeavour scholarship. Michael will be working with Professor Matthias Ihme at Stanford University for 6 months modifying/using reacting LES models towards his current project in understanding flame stabilisation mechanisms and operating limits for next-generation gas turbines.

Emissions reduction and increasing fuel efficiency are major environmental, social and economic issues which present a significant challenge for scientific and engineering research. To address these concerns, next generation gas turbine designs for electricity production and aero-engines include proposals featuring moderate or intense, low oxygen dilution (MILD) combustion conditions. Michael’s research focusses on the underlying mechanics and defining the operating limits of the low-emissions, high-efficiency MILD combustion regime in such environments. His work at Stanford University, with world experts in the computational modelling of combustion using high performance computing facilities, will help him to develop and implement models which will lead to a better understanding of the complex interactions between chemistry and fluid dynamics in the MILD regime and how this unique combustion regime may be implemented in next-generation technologies.

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