National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition

Team Juggernaut, comprising 5 undergraduate students from the School of Mechanical Engineering, were at UNSW in Sydney to compete in the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition (NIARC) late September 2015.

2015niarc-compThe competition theme centred on logistics and transportation and required the students to design, build and program an autonomous robot to deliver cargo to loading bay terminals while navigating around static and dynamic obstacles, all the while optimising performance to maximise efficiency with the objective of earning the most points.

Team Juggernaut successfully completed all the tasks and after the group stages in Sydney were ranked 11th out of 26 teams.  In the sudden death knockout stages the team narrowly lost out on a spot in the quarter finals to the team from UTAS. Congratulations to Team Juggernaut for a fantastic effort!

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