Men’s health research – Monthly seminar

Please book out your calendar for the last Thursday of each month to attend the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health Seminar Series, which is now to be held at the Freemasons Hall, North Terrace.

With members, students, staff and affiliates of the Centre spread across institutions and campuses, these seminars are now even more important for us all to interact regularly and catch up with the latest research achievements and findings, provide input and share news on how we are making a difference to men’s health.

Every fourth seminar will be open to the community and/or our stakeholders to show-case our latest research and provide a forum for education.

The first seminar in this new series will be held on Thursday 29 August 12.00 -1.30pm,  with presentations from Ms Heather Armstrong (PhD candidate) and Mr Peter Bai (PhD candidate).

The seminars will be held at lunch-times or at the end of the day, depending on availability of the meeting room, so keep an eye out for the seminar notices.

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