AOD9604 and obesity

29 July 2013 – Professor Gary Wittert, Director of the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health and Senior Endocrinologist was invited onto ABC Radio Grandstand Breakfast to answer questions on whether the drug AOD9604, at the centre of the Essendon Football Club story, is an approved anti-obesity drug.      (10mins from end of podcast)

Professor Wittert, clarified that “AOD” was the acronym for “advanced” and not “anti-” “obesity drug” and reported that the early phase sponsored clinical trials program for AOD9604, which he was involved in as a principal investigator, showed no therapeutic anti-obesity effect of the drug.

AOD9604 has not been approved by the Therapeutics Goods Administration.

Professor Wittert rightfully declined to comment on ASADA or the actions of the Essendon Football Club but he nicely segue wayed the discussion on AOD9604 to promote the current multi-centre randomised controlled trial investigating whether diet and testosterone can prevent type-2 diabetes in obese men who have pre-diabetes and relatively low testosterone.


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