New researcher profile – Dr Steven Paltoglou

Dr Steven Paltoglou

The FFCMH welcomes Dr Steven Paltoglou, Post-Doctoral Scientist.  Steven  joined the Centre’s prostate cancer research team at the Adelaide Prostate Cancer Research Centre, Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories, University of Adelaide in July.

Steven is a Flinders University undergraduate in protein chemistry and a University of South Australia undergraduate of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology.  He was awarded a first class honours and was an Ausbiotech’s National Student excellence recipient. His PhD was on tumour suppression and he is a NHMRC Early Career Post-doctoral Fellow.

He brings to the research program expertise in molecular and proteomic techniques such as immuno-precipitations (IPs), 2D electrophoresis, P32 phospho-labelling, ubiquitin/sumolyation assays, and mass spectrometry.

Steven is supported by a grant from the Ray and Shirl Norman Cancer Research Trust and Cancer Australia/Rotary Club/Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia to undertake studies of the post-translational (synthesis) modification of the androgen receptor protein (and variants of the androgen receptor), a cellular mediator of prostate cancer.  More specifically he will characterise these modifications using a novel approach called RIME (Rapid IP-mass spectrometry of  endogenous protein).  Once identified, he will begin to assess the function of these modified forms with respect to normal androgen receptor function and prostate cancer.

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