Congratulations – FFCMH Men’s Health Summer Research Scholarship recipients

The Freemason’s Foundation Centre for Men’s Health is pleased to announce the students who have been awarded a 2013-14 Men’s Health Summer Vacation Research Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarships is to provide undergraduate students with some training and exposure to research to inform decisions regarding higher degree and research career pathways.

Ms Jessica Brown (2nd year Psychology, Uni of Adelaide)
Ms Christianna Digenis (2nd year Psychology/International Studies, Uni of Adelaide)
Project: Colorectal cancer screening uptake by men
Supervisors: Prof Deb Turnbull, Dr Amy Duncan

Mr Allen Catalan  (2nd year Health Sciences, Uni of Adelaide)
Project:  Predictors and frequency of GP visits by men – FAMAS study
Supervisors:  Prof Gary Wittert, Dr Sean Martin

Ms Phoebe Drioli-Phillips (2nd year Psychology/Physiology, Uni of Adelaide)
Project:  Men’s preferences for health services
Supervisors:  Prof Alison Kitson, Dr Lynette Cusack, Dr Timothy Schultz

Mrs Amy Finlay (Final year Psychology, Uni of Adelaide)
Project: Rural and farmer health
Supervisor: Assoc Prof James Dollman, Uni of SA

Ms Rachel Mei Ting Ho (2nd year Health Sciences, Uni of Adelaide)
Project: A multidisciplinary team approach to decision making in urological oncology
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Nicholas Brook

Mrs Cassie Lamont (2nd year Psychological Sciences, Uni of Adelaide)
Project: Masculinity and help seeking/health care
Supervisor: Prof Deborah Turnbull and Dr Amy Duncan

Mr Zhi Xiang On (4th year Psychology/Sociology, Uni of Melbourne)
Ms Samantha Perera (2nd year Health Sciences, Uni of Adelaide)
Project:  Gastro oesophageal reflux disease and mental health
Supervisors: Assoc Prof Anne Taylor, Prof Gary Wittert

Mr Joule Li  (4th year Medicine, Uni of Adelaide)  Extension Scholarship
Project:  Obstructive sleep apnoea
Supervisors: Prof Robert Adams, Dr Sarah Appleton

Ms Edwina Blue (Final year Health Sciences, Uni of Adelaide)
Project: Effect of obesity on germ cells in father’s and son’s
Supervisors: Dr Michelle Lane, Nicole McPherson


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