Welcome to the Centre: Mrs Clare McGuiness PhD Candidate

The Centre welcomes Clare McGuiness (nee Oakes).  Clare completed her Honours in psychology at the University of Adelaide in 2013, and this year is commencing a PhD with an APA scholarship and a top-up scholarship co-funded by the  Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health and the CSIRO.
Clare’s interest is in the field of health psychology and public health; in particular, cancer screening, cancer survivorship, over-diagnosis, masculinity, and barriers to and facilitators of health behaviours. We wish Clare all the best for her PhD studies.

Her PhD research is being supervised by Professor Deborah Turnbull (Uni of Adelaide), and Dr Ian Zajac and Professor Carlene Wilson (CSIRO), and will investigate the influence of thinking styles on men’s health decision-making in relation to cancer screening.

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