Centre Features on ABC Catalyst Episode on Testosterone

Professor Gary Wittert, Director of the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health, featured along with other leading Australian men’s health researchers in the recent September episode of ABC’s Catalyst program which was on the topic of Testosterone.  The latest research on testosterone and how it influences the male body and mind, from the womb to old age, were presented.

The program  highlighted the importance of testosterone for good health throughout life, for both men and women.  It also revealed how different levels of testosterone in men and women can be linked to the different navigation strategies used by men and women and so finally women now have an evidence-base for their map-reading abilities….

The cognitive challenges and physical side effects that men face when on androgen (testosterone) deprivation therapy for prostate cancer was presented. The possible use of testosterone for preventing  Diabetes Mellitus in men who are overweight and how this is being investigated through a national multi-centre randomised controlled clinical trial, being led by Professor Wittert, was also covered.

If you missed this fascinating episode, it may be viewed at


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