Men’s Health Honours Students for 2015

We congratulate students awarded a Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health Honours scholarships for 2015.  We will subsequently profile each of the students and their projects but first, we welcome, or welcome back, to the Centre:

  • Ms Amber Lawson (Psychology/Medicine) – Supervisors: Prof Gary Wittert, Prof Deborah Turnbull  – Project “Health services utilisation by men”
  • Mr Joule Li  (Medicine)- Supervisors: Prof Gary Wittert, Prof Robert Adams – Project ” Muscle strength and muscle mass as independent predictors of type 2 diabetes mellitus in men”
  • Ms Camilla Trenerry (Psychology) – Supervisors: Dr Kate Gunn, Prof Carlene Wilson –  Project “Does a farmer-targeted skin and lip cancer brochure increase intent to use sun-protection and obtain skin checks?”
  • Mr Nathan Harrison (Psychology) – Supervisors: Dr Kate Gunn, Prof Carlene Wilson – Project ” Targeting support service information for rural people affected by cancer: does making information rural- and gender-specific improve the perceived accessibility of psychosocial services”
  • Ms Dania Raminski-Smith (Health Sciences) – Supervisors: Dr Michelle Lane, Dr Deirdre Zander-Fox, Dr Nicole McPherson – Project “Male obesity alters the methylomes of sperm influencing embryo development and pregnancy outcomes.”
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