Interdisciplinary award for research on Internet-delivered health interventions to Dr Camille Short and colleagues

Congratulations to Dr Camille Short and colleagues Dr Matthew Dry (Psychology), A/Prof Andrew Skuse (Social Sciences) and Prof Pascale Quester (Adelaide Business School), who were awarded the 2015 University of Adelaide (Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President, Research) Interdisciplinary Research Award.  The award aims to support interdisciplinary research to create innovative research directions that build upon the University’s current capabilities. Seed funding is provided to foster early stage projects, particularly where a project crosses structural boundaries in the University such as schools and faculties.

This project will look at internet-delivered health behaviour change interventions that, when compared to traditional approaches, can be widely disseminated at a relatively low-cost per user.  In a trial setting, these interventions effectively change health risk behaviours and their determinants. There are however issues of attracting users to on-line interventions, maintaining engagement and producing long-lasting intervention effects which have implications for real-world public health impact.The development of these interventions has been guided almost exclusively by psychological theories of behaviour change that identify what psycho-social determinants of health behaviour (e.g., social support, self-efficacy, knowledge) should be addressed to produce behaviour changes but they provide very little insight into how to engage users in on-line interventions. This project investigates the latter using a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on relevant research and theory from information science, sociology, public health, marketing, including social marketing and consumer behaviour, as well as other areas of psychology.


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