Visiting Professor Lecture and Workshop – Prof Suzanne Chambers

Please join us for the 2015 Visiting Professor Lecture and Workshop
Date:        Thursday 15 October 2015
Time:        9.00am-12.30pm
Where:     Discipline of Medicine Conference Room, L6 Eleanor Harrald Building, RAH

Our 2015 Visiting Professor is Professor Suzanne Chambers. Suzanne is a health psychologist who has been working as a practitioner-researcher in psycho-oncology for over 25 years and has extensive experience in the psychosocial aspects of cancer. Her areas of research include: developing reliable/valid psychometric scales for evaluating peer support, attitudes to help seeking after cancer, and describing unmet supportive care needs after prostate cancer; designing remote access psychological interventions for people affected by cancer; integrating peer support into controlled design methodologies; integrating distress screening into interventions to target high psychological distress cancer patient groups; and developing models to predict adjustment. Suzanne has more than 160 peer review publications and in her fields of psychology multidisciplinary and social sciences biomedical her citation rates are more than three times the world average; and twice the world average in social sciences interdisciplinary and psychology.  She is a current Australian Research Council Future Fellow and has received more than $8.2 million in competitive grant funding during the last 5 years.  Her current role is Menzies Foundation Professor of Allied Health Research at the Menzies Health Institute QLD at Griffith University.

Chair: Prof Deborah Turnbull
9.00 Prof Gary Wittert Welcome and intro
9.10 Prof Suzanne Chambers Visiting Professor Lecture: Making a Difference in Cancer Control: A Community Based Psycho-oncology Research Program
10.00 Dr Camille Short Man-up
10.20 Dr Kate Fennell and Nathan Harrison Targeted psycho-oncology support for rural men
10:40 Ms Jennifer Fish Men’s experiences of seeking help for cancer symptoms
11.00 Mr Kootsy Canuto Indigenous male health disadvantage; barriers and enablers
11.20 Mrs Rifat Jahan Social marketing of men’s health promotion targeting hegemonic notions of masculinity
11.30 Discussion, workshop
12.30 Lunch


Visiting with Suzanne will be Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Dr Mel Hyde.  Mel is an early career researcher with a background in health and social psychology who holds a conjoint position with the Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University and Cancer Council Queensland as a Research Fellow in Psycho-Oncology and Community Engagement. She also co-leads the Community Engagement Research Program at Cancer Council Queensland which studies volunteering, fundraising, and other forms of participatory action that are critical for cancer control.  Her research interests include: psychosocial aspects of cancer survivorship, identifying and addressing supportive care needs after cancer; help-seeking after cancer; peer support; developing and validating psychometrically sound scales for use in psycho-oncology; geographic differences in psychosocial and quality of life outcomes after cancer; and engaging the community in prosocial behaviours such as volunteering to generate positive health outcomes and cost-effective solutions for disease burden. Mel has more than 75 peer-reviewed publications with a total Google Scholar citation count of 1050 and h-index of 19 that relative to opportunity as an early career researcher is excellent. Her research is published in international high-impact journals in health, social, and community and she has been internationally recognised for her contribution to health psychology with the 2013 European Health Psychology Society Early Career Award.




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