FFCMH Sponsors 2015 GRC on Hormone Dependent Cancers

The FFCMH stood alongside the US National Institute of Health and global pharmaceutical companies as a major sponsor of the 2015 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on hormone-dependent cancers held in Newry, ME in August 2015.

The GRC was chaired by FFCMH Management Group member and Head of Research at the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories (Uni of Adelaide) Professor Wayne Tilley, and co-chaired by Dr Jason Carrol from Cancer Research UK.

The GRC brought together preeminent scientists and clinicians from academia, industry and the medical sector, with expertise in ‘omics’, cell signaling, tumor microenvironment, human disease modeling, translation and clinical trials to collaborate on contemporary issues in the treatment of two of the most common hormone-dependent cancers, breast and prostate cancer.

The role of hormones in regulating these cancers and drug responsiveness was a focus of the GRC as was advancing the development of new targeted drugs for more effective, personalised and well tolerated treatments to improve health outcomes. Included in the invited Faculty was FFCMH members A/Prof Lisa Butler, Dr Luke Selth, Dr Theresa Hickey and Dr Rajdeep Das.

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