Welcome to our New Higher Degree students for 2016

We are pleased to welcome 5 talented individuals who are embarking on a higher degree with the Centre in 2016.  The Centre supports these students by way of Scholarships and top-up awards and by integrating them into a multidisciplinary men’s health research network to optimise their learning and collaborative experience.  We wish them all the best for their years ahead.  We particularly welcome our two international students and their families to Adelaide.

Dr Adel Aref:  Adel is a Medical Oncologist who holds a Master’s by coursework degree in Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine from the Ain Shams University, Arab Republic of Egypt. He received professional certification from the European Society for Medical Oncology in 2010 and specialty certification in medical oncology from the Royal College of Physicians United Kingdom in 2013. Adel established and leads a MedicalSurveys-17 Research Group, with other young oncologists, and he is also the Scientific Coordinator for the Breast Gynaecological International Cancer Society that supports oncologists in the Middle East and Asia to become involved in clinical oncology research. Adel was awarded and International Postgraduate Research Scholarship from the University of Adelaide.
Supervisors: Associate Professor Lisa Butler, Dr Michael O’Callaghan, Dr Andrew Hoy
Project area: prostate cancer, epidemiology, clinical, biomedical
Project title:  Defining the role of lipids in prostate cancer: Implications for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and risk reduction.

Mrs Amy Finlay: Amy has a double undergraduate major in psychological science and health science (public health) and a first class Honours, completed in 2015, all from the University of Adelaide.  Amy was a FFCMH Summer Vacation Scholarship student in 2013-14 where she produced an advisory report for the Renmark Paringa Council on Riverlife, an initiative to encourage community engagement in physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Amy received a Divisional PhD Scholarship from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide.
Supervisors:  Dr Camille Short, Professor Gary Wittert
Project area   community and public health, oncology supportive care
Project title:   Examining the feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of providing comprehensive on-line physical activity support to men with a history of prostate cancer.

Mr Samuel Polacek:  Sam has an undergraduate degree in health sciences and was awarded first class honours in 2015 from the University of Adelaide.  Sam undertook a FFCMH summer vacation research project in 2015-2016 with Dr Luke Selth in the Dame Roma Michell Cancer Research Laboratories looking at new regulators of androgen receptor activity in prostate cancer, and from this decided to extend this work by a PhD.  Sam has been awarded a Divisional PhD Scholarship from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide.
Supervisors:  Dr Luke Selth, Associate Professor Lisa Butler
Project area   prostate cancer (biomedical)
Project title:   Interaction between androgen signalling and the lipid microenvironment in prostate cancer.

Ms Rayzel Fernandes:  Rayzel has a Masters of Science in medical biotechnology from Manipal University in India in 2011. Her thesis was on the effects of radiation and hypoxia on human tumor cell lines.  Rayzel  has been working as a Junior Research Fellow at Manipal University since 2012 and was awarded an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship from the University of Adelaide in the last round.  Her PhD studies are to be undertaken in the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories.
Supervisors: Dr Luke Selth, Professor Wayne Tilley, Dr Theresa Hickey
Project area: prostate cancer (biomedical)
Project title:  Unraveling the regulatory network underlying androgen deprivation therapy-induced cancer stem cell traits in prostate cancer

Dr Usman Mushtaq:  Usman is a consultant General Physician who has trained at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Royal Adelaide Hospital, with a special interest in diabetes and endocrinology, obesity and perioperative medicine.  Usman is also a Clinical Associate Lecturer at the University of Adelaide.  He has a strong research interest in the interaction of weight loss on body composition and osteoporosis and testosterone levels. Usman will be undertaking a part-time Masters by Research higher degree through the University of Adelaide.
Supervisors:   Dr David Jesudason, Professor George Kiroff, Professor Gary Wittert.
Project area:   endocrinology (clinical)
Project title:    Effects of weight loss in patients undergoing bariatric surgery and participants in the T4DM trial on body composition and interactions with calcium and testosterone metabolism and other hormones involved in weight homeostasis.

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