End of Year Boost for Men’s Health Research

Congratulations to Centre Members on their recently announced men’s health research grant funding, closing out a successful year for men’s health research.

Dr Ian Johnson (pictured), Post-doctoral Research Scientist from the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Uni of South Australia, was awarded the John Mills Young Investigator Award from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Ian’s research focuses on endosomes which are membrane bound vesicles found in all animal cells. Ian aims to identify which cellular machinery drives altered endosome production or function and how this may contributes to prostate cancer. The goal is to apply this knowledge to improve diagnostic and prognostic testing in prostate cancer.

Associate Professor Lisa Butler, Head of the Prostate Cancer Research Group, School of Medicine, Uni of Adelaide at SAHMRI and Professor Nico Voelcker at UniSA were awarded a novel concept grant from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  This project will look at the feasibility of using nanometre size porous silicon carrier platform that the team has developed to deliver drugs to the surface of prostate cancer cells and specific receptors on those cells that are implicated in cancer.

Professor Robert Adams, Discipline of Medicine, Uni of Adelaide, was awarded a Vanguard Grant from the National Heart Foundation with colleagues at the University of Adelaide and the Adelaide Institute of Sleep Health to continue the Centre’s work on obstructive sleep apnoea in men and its links to cardiovascular disease and other chronic disease risk, how best to screen for OSA in primary care, and refining on who and who not to treat.


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