CHAMPS RCT Pilot – Enhancing mental health care for cardiac patients

NHMRC Post-Doctoral research fellow Dr Phillip Tully and co-investigators are undertaking a feasibility trial to determine whether treatment of common mental health problems in persons with cardiovascular disease (CVD), using 12-18 weeks of cognitive-behavioural therapy, is feasible in a hospital cardiac setting and whether it improves quality of life and cardiac outcomes when compared to “enhanced” usual care (information only). An additional group of patients with no emotional distress at baseline is also being followed to evaluate the incidence of mental health problems that arise in patients with CVD.  The Cardiovascular Health in Anxiety or Mood Problems Study (CHAMPS) is being undertaken at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital until June 2017.

The dediCHAMPS teamcated trial research team at QEH are (from left to right), Christopher Bean (Psychologist), Peter Cheung (Nurse Coordinator) and Alison Barrett (Research Assistant).  The pilot has been made possible by grant funding received from the National Heart Foundation and the Menzies Foundation.


The Centre would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Chris Bean on his post-doctoral placement at Uppsala University.  The CHAMPS team are currently looking to appoint a new Health Psychologist to the role.

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