1st August Men’s Health Research Seminar – Game Theory and Cancer, and more

Please join us for the August Men’s Health Lunchtime Research Seminar

azharGuest Speaker
Dr Azhar Iqbal BSc(Hons), PhD (App Math)
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering whose research interests are in the areas of game theoretical modelling, quantum theory, and geometric algebra.
Presentation:  Game theory and cancer.
What is Game theory?  It is a set of tools and techniques for decisions under uncertainty involving two or more intelligent components in which each component aspires to optimise their own decision at the expense of the other opponent.
Dr Iqbal

FFCMH Speakers
Dr Camille Short
NHMRC ECR Fellow and Dr Cynthia Forbes Visiting Endeavour Fellow
Presentation: Prescribing exercise via the internet to men living with metastatic prostate cancer– useful or useless?

Where:   Room 6052a/6052b  AHMS Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building, North Terrace West.
When:  Tuesday 1 August 2017  12:00 – 1.30pm

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