He’s back…! Welcome home Dr Phillip Tully

IMG_1895The Centre welcomes back Dr Phillip Tully returning from a 5 year post-doctoral research stint in Europe under a NHMRC Neil Hamilton Fairley Clinical Overseas Fellowship.  So what has Phil been up to?

From July 2013 to May 2015, Phil was based at Germany’s Freiburg University in the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology where he learnt systematic review methodology including Cochrane and GRADE, explored the aetiological and prognostic association between various psychological factors and coronary heart disease, and examined outcomes from a group of patients with heart failure referred to clinical psychology.

From June 2015 to July 2017 he undertook research at the University of Bordeaux in the Department of Neuro-epidemiology, in France.  There he worked on a large epidemiological dataset with a specific focus on examining blood pressure in relation to stroke, dementia, late onset depression, RAAS, calcium channel blockade, and examined a cerebral MRI dataset from Dijon quantifying the burden of white matter lesions.

Since 2013 Phil has been busy publishing 54 peer reviewed articles mostly in leading psychology and cardiovascular journals, in addition to a book and 2 book chapters on cardiovascular disease and depression. While away he has been remotely leading a pilot clinical trial, based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, examining the outcomes of psychological interventions in cardiac patients, funded by the National Heart Foundation and the Menzies Foundation.

And what were his non-academic highlights?   In Germany, the Blackforest at the end of the street, travelling to Switzerland for the day or the weekend or cycling into France, and snowboarding at the local mountain.   In France, they were the wine country (santé!), the relaxed approach to work, travelling to Basque country and Spain for the weekend, surfing the famous Landes coast, and getting engaged (congratulations Phillip and Suzie).

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