Effects of obesity in men: Implications for clinical practice

shutterstock_157800122In the September edition of MedicineToday, Prof Gary Wittert, Director of the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health translates the research carried out by the Centre over the last 10 years by describing how obesity in men has deleterious effects on sperm health and reproductive and lower urinary tract function, as well as the important implications for chronic disease risk.

MedicineToday is a leading peer review medical journal keeping GPs up to-date with best practice. Prof Wittert suggests that “Every visit by a man to a healthcare provider should be treated as an opportunity for prevention or early detection and management of chronic disease”.  He recommends that health care providers should routinely enquire about common sexual and urinary symptoms (LUTS, erectile dysfunction), health behaviours, work and personal stress, sleep, and symptoms of depression to afford an opportunity for prevention or early detection and management of chronic disease in men.

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