Congratulations Dr Zeyad Nassar – NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship

Zeyad2 Oct 2017-resizeThe Centre congratulates Dr Zeyad Nassar, FFCMH Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Prostate Cancer Research Group at SAHMRI, on being awarded a Peter Doherty Biomedical Early Career Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC, Australia).  His project is “Fatty acid elongation: a novel target for prostate cancer treatment” and ties into the Movember/Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia funded Lipids in Prostate Cancer research program directed by Associate Professor Lisa Butler.

Zeyad now joins an impressive line up of NHMRC Early Career Fellows currently attached to the FFCMH – Dr Phillip Tully, Dr Camille Short, Dr Nicole McPherson (Robinson Research Institute) and Dr Sean Martin.

Zeyad’s fellowship project: Lipids are a class of molecules that make up cell membranes and are an important source of energy for cells. Changes in lipids occur during prostate cancer progression, most prominently in a process called fatty acid elongation, which requires enzymes called elongases. This project will seek to better understand the consequences of lipid elongation in prostate cancer cells, its potential role in therapy resistance, and whether the elongase enzymes can be targeted as new therapies. .

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