2018 Paddy O’Rourke Honours Scholarship recipient – Mrunal Hiwase

MrunalIrisANdrewThe Centre and Mrs Iris O’Rourek congratulate Miss Mrunal Hiwase on being awarded the 2018 Paddy O’Rourke Honours Scholarship for prostate cancer research.

Mrunal, pictured centre with Iris O’Rourke (Paddy’s wife), and Co-Supervisor Dr Andrew Vincent (FFCMH Senior Biostatistician), will be based part-time at SAHMRI and the remainder at the South Australian Prostate Cancer Clinical Outcomes Collaborative (SA-PCCOC) (Flinders) under the co-Supervision of Dr Michael O’Callaghan (Senior Researcher and Educator).

In 2017, Mrunal completed her fifth year of her Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at the University of Adelaide.  The Centres Director, Professor Gary Wittert noted that “Mrunal’s CV is already extremely impressive and demonstrates her passion for medicine, research and helping others.  These were all very important to Paddy and therefore we are very thrilled to welcome Mrunal to the Centre as a Paddy O’Rourke Scholarship holder.”

Mrunal’s project is “Predicting the likelihood of metastatic disease at the time of diagnosis in prostate cancer“.  Numerous “risk stratification systems” have been developed to estimate an individual man’s risk of poor outcomes, and those estimated to have higher risk at diagnosis undergo more intensive screening for disease progression. As Mrunal proposes, many of the risk stratification systems have limited predictive ability and need to be improved. We know a lot more about the disease and have better tools to visualise and diagnose prostate cancer, and importantly we now have large long term Australian data sets such as that from the SA-PCCOC which we can use to make these improvements to improve care decision making and outcomes of men with prostate cancer.  We wish Mrunal all the best for her Honours year.


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