Men’s Health Matters Podcast with Phoebe Drioli-Phillips – “How men talk about anxiety”

Phoebe-cropNext up in our podcast series showcasing young researchers from the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health at the University of Adelaide, we hear from Ms Phoebe Drioli-Phillips PhD candidate on men seeking help for anxiety. Phiebe is based in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide and her supervisors are Professor Amanda Lecouteur and Dr Rebecca Feo.  What Phoebe hopes to achieve with her research is to get a deeper understanding of how men introduce and discuss and seek support for their own anxiety from peers in a naturalistic context, not in a health context, or a health care context necessarily.  This information is important and necessary to create more male friendly health services, and enhancing outcomes for men with anxiety.

Running Sheet

What you will hear In this podcastHow Men Talk About Anxiety 

  • 2:00 – How Phoebe got hooked into research – the FFCMH summer vacation scholarship program
  • 2:30 – How generalised anxiety disorder impacts on all aspects of life
  • 5:27 – Phoebe’s research – analysing how men, off their own back, seek help for anxiety from their peers
  • 6:40 – Overcoming potential problems of self report data. Naturalistic data
  • 7:47 – Discursive psychology – the social organisation of talk
  • 10:30 –  Using talk analysis to improve peer support services for men, and public health messaging
  • 12:30 – Other opportunities for research on men’s on-line support e.g. fathering
  • 14:06 – Diagnostic criteria for anxiety – not picking up cases in men
  • 15:40 – How to contact Phoebe

Listen to Phoebe here on Soundcloud

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