ADDF Grant to Dr Phillip Tully et al to examine Dementia risk and antihypertensive drugs

Untitled design (3)Congratulations to Centre members NHMRC ECR Dr Phillip Tully and Professor Deb Turnbull, and Associate Professor Nick Burns on being awarded a research grant to investigate dementia risk and preventative drug treatments.  The grant funding is provided for by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF), USA.   The ADDF catalyses and funds drug discovery and drug development for Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.  To learn more about the ADDF, visit the website at:

The project is “Minimizing blood pressure variability with antihypertensive drugs to reduce dementia risk: an IPD meta-analysis of cohort studies in the CAPA consortium”

High blood pressure is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide and the leading modifiable risk factor for stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases. A very recent hypothesis in cardiology suggests that fluctuations in a person’s blood pressure over time are more strongly linked with stroke than a person’s blood pressure category (e.g. high, average, low). This variability in blood pressure may also impact dementia and vascular brain health, however, there have been very few studies so far on this topic. The aim of Dr Tully et al’s research is therefore to test whether fluctuations in blood pressure are associated with dementia and vascular brain health, and secondly, whether the use of certain blood pressure drugs can promote better cerebrovascular health. To achieve their aims they will bring together researchers from 10 different studies in the US, France and The Netherlands. By thoroughly investigating existing data from these studies, we will help answer questions about blood pressure and brain health, and inform decisions on the best strategy to reduce dementia risk.



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