Visiting Lecture: Prof Anna Philpott, Oncology, University of Cambridge, UK 28 Sept, AHMS

The Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories is hosting a visiting lecture by Professor Anna Philpott, Deputy Head of the Department of Oncology, Hutchinson / MRC Research Centre, Cambridge BioMedical Campus, University of Cambridge, UK.

Date:     Friday, 28 September, 2018
Time:    3.00pm – 4.00pm
Venue:  First Floor Lecture Theatre (1059a/1059b), Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences Bldg
Title:     Controlling the balance between proliferation and differentiation in development and cancer

Prof Anna Philpott is a developmental biologist with a long-standing interest in how cells in developing embryos control the decision to divide or to differentiate in co-ordination with cell cycle events, as well as how this co-ordination is subverted in cancers. Her research studies also focus on fundamental mechanisms that allow co-ordination of the cell cycle and differentiation in early development. Recently, Prof Philpott has identified cyclin-dependent kinase-dependent phosphorylation of proneural transcription factors as a critical fulcrum that co-ordinates cell cycle exit and differentiation. This control is subverted in cancers, in particular the paediatric tumour neuroblastoma, and offers a potential new approach to treating this devastating disease.

Prof Philpott’s research work is conducted in multiple systems, and in particular Xenopus frog eggs and embryos, mammalian ES cells, 3D organoids and genetically engineered mice to understand regulation of proliferation versus differentiation at the biochemical, epigenetic, cell and tissue level. Prof Philpott graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA degree in Natural Sciences in 1988 and a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology in 1991. She held post-doctoral fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Centre in 1992, moving to the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School in 1993. Prof Philpott returned to the University of Cambridge in 1998 to a Lectureship in the Department of Oncology, where she is currently Professor of Cancer and Developmental Biology and Deputy Head of Department.

All welcome!

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