Welcome Mrs Casey Peters and Dr Kristy Giles to the Centre

We welcome Mrs Casey Peters (left) and Dr Kristy Giles who have joined the Centre recently.

Casey was appointed to the position of Research Support Administration Officer for the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories. Casey is a Flinders University Science Honours graduate, and brings relevant experience working in large and successful  research teams, being the Research Education and Research Support Officer for the University of Adelaide, School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health.

Kristy has been appointed as a Post-Doctoral Researcher for the BRAIN Consortium, led by Dr Phillip Tully, and for athe research program investigating lower urinary tract symptoms in men and depression, lead by Dr Sean Martin.  The international BRAIN Consortium project, funded by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (USA) is looking at whether fluctuations in blood pressure are associated with dementia and vascular brain health, and secondly, whether the use of certain blood pressure drugs can promote better cerebrovascular health.

Kristy has worked in the area of stroke research and care of persons with dementia in residential aged care. More recently her PhD in Psychology at the University of Adelaide examined the impact of treatment with chemotherapy on cognitive functioning. This position will allow Kristy to pursue her academic interest in the way drugs can impact on cognitive functioning broadly.  Kristy was most recently a Research Fellow in the School of Translational Health Science at the The Joanna Briggs Institute, and she also brings to both projects a strong skill set in meta-analysis and comprehensive systematic reviews.

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