Congratulations 2018-19 FFCMH Summer Scholarship student awardees

Only a limited number of summer vacation research scholarships were on offer for the 2018-19 round, The Centre congratulates and welcomes the following successful applicants.

Ms Ser Yee Ang (BPsychSc 2nd Year, The University of Adelaide)
Project: Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in depression and anxiety
Supervisor: Dr Phillip Tully

Ms Suraiya Onnesha (BSci Biotech, 3rd Year, The University of Adelaide)
Project: Targetting polyunsaturated fat metabolism to overcome prostate cancer treatment resistance.
Supervisor: Dr Zeyad Nassar

Ms Neha Kasture (MBBS, 3rd Year, The University of Adelaide)
Project: The relationship between sleep microarchitecture and macroarchitecture on musculoskeletal pain and inflammation
Supervisor: Dr Sarah Appleton

Ms Ashley Merkel (BSc/Pscyh USA graduated student)
Project: Developing behavioural digital health interventions for chronic disease control
Supervisor: Dr Camille Short


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