Young Blood Podcast hits top 100 in Australian mental health podcast chart

Since September 2019, 14 Young Blood podcasts have been produced and released by Callum MacPherson and Podbooth on Apple ITunes ( and other podcast platforms (Blubrry, Listen Notes, Google, Podtail, Sticher) and promoted via Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.

An industry set successful podcast is 100 – 500+ downloads per month (per episode), to annex it in Australian Apple Podcasts charts. By November, Young Blood has had an average of 400 total downloads per month, reaching the Australian Apple Podcast’s top 200 charts at number 61.

Facebook downloads for one of the latest episodes (Brock Bentley) released as a video podcast has already exceeded 1800 downloads through Facebook alone. The goal was to reach 1000+ downloads per month across all platforms to be in the top twenty in the Australian podcast charts in the mental health category.

Young Blood has been profiled in Great Australian Pods, has an average viewer rating of 4.9 out of 5 and was featured in an article from the peak body for men’s health in Australia, the Australian Men’s Health Forum in October 2019.  (  Feedback has confirmed the format has been well received.

There has been a ground swell of interest from men’s health and youth mental health stakeholder organisations, and young men from all walks of life wanting to share their stories as part of the successful peer-to-peer support format. Consequently, Callum has 26 video podcast episodes tentatively scheduled for production with Podbooth, pending funding.

See below for the latest listener’s review on the Apple podcast website

J. B. Thompson, 03/01/2020

Insightful, inspiring, entertaining

Callum is a brilliant young rising talent who everyone should be watching closely. He’s an effective journalist and his genuine passion for getting men and society at large to open up regarding mental health amongst the male population is inspiring.

Listening to Young Blood and hearing the struggling and subsequent triumphs of the guests through the lense of my own personal experiences has helped me navigate the world and it’s challenges. The show drives introspection amongst its listeners and will provide insight on how you can look out for all the men in your life and help them see the best in themselves and the light in world around us.

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