National trial of on-line Exercise (prescription) Guide for men with advanced prostate cancer

There is clear evidence that supervised exercise not only reduces side effects of treatment but it improves the length of survival of men being treated for advanced prostate cancer. Supervised, individually prescribed exercise for people with chronic conditions including cancer should only be provided by exercise physiologists, to ensure safety and effectiveness. The costs and lack of access to exercise physiology services are however barrier to uptake.
One of the remits of the FFCMH is to improve men’s access to health services that meet their needs and preferences. FFCMH PhD candidate, Ms Holly Evans, who is a practicing exercise physiologist, is passionate about delivering exercise therapy to those who need it and she has developed a free on-line Exercise (prescription) Guide for men with advanced prostate cancer.
After three years in development, Holly and colleagues from the Edith Cowen University in Perth, WA have, in January 2020, started recruiting men into a 12 month national clinical trial to formally evaluate their on-line Exercise Guide. The prescribed exercise is tailored to the individual man, using inbuilt algorithms. The trial aims to determine if a tool such as this is safe and acceptable, as well as observing the effects on physical activity levels, physical function, quality of life, and fatigue.

Who can participate: We are looking for men who have metastatic prostate cancer who are not already participating in both resistance and aerobic exercise on a regular basis. Clearance from your physician (general practitioner, medical oncologist, radiation, oncologist or urologist), as well as internet access is also required.

What do you need to do? You will need to complete assessments at the start of the study and one nine weeks later. They are not too burdensome. You will also be randomly allocated to one of two groups. One that receives access to the online exercise guidance tool straight away, or one that receives access after the second batch of assessments.

To compensate you for your time, you will receive a $25 voucher for each assessment segment you complete (there are a maximum of five different types).

For further information: If you would like to know more about the study, contact Ms Holly Evans on 08 8128 4043 or or

you can find out more information and express your interest in participating via the study website:


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