Joe Townsend at Trinity Laban

Today we visited Trinity Laban to hear from Joe Townsend about their Colab project weeks and also to see some of these projects. During our morning session with Joe, he introduced us to Colab; an opportunity for students to collaborate together and create a project of their choosing. He also discussed creativity in music education and collaboration, and how being creative requires confidence with no self-doubt. We also did a few interactive exercises which helped us to understand the concept of creative collaboration.

Joe then moved on to discuss the aspects of both creative and collaborative learning. Creative learning is an individual style of learning, as your development of creative thinking and skills can only come from your own actions. But collaborative learning brings the process of creative learning into a group scenario; everyone can support and strengthen each other’s learning process. Within collaborative learning there are several different elements. Joe put these into an equation, as when you add craft and creativity, motivation reflection, then divide by ego, you are left with the collaborative success results.

Here’s how it works:

Craft (what you do) – “the desire for quality and skill to deliver it”
Creativity – “creativity is not a talent; it is a way of thinking”
Motivation – “we do it because we love what we do”
Reflection – “do, observe, reflect, plan, repeat”
Ego – instead of ego you need shred vision, willingness to listen and empathy

I found this session really eye opening and it really made me think and projects I could do in the future. I loved the concept of Colab and hope to see something similar start up back in Australia.

Written by Monique Warren

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