Echo360 active learning showcase

How can we empower students to be more active and engaged learners during lectures? How can we find out, in the moment, how well students comprehend lecture content? What’s making sense to them? What isn’t? Where might they want to delve deeper?

Enter Echo 360’s Active Learning Platform (ALP).

Watch Perry Samson, leading science educator from the University of Michigan, explain how he uses one feature of the ALP to engage students in inquiry about hurricane patterns. (2:26 mins)

Want to know more?

Come along to this short showcase to find out what else is possible with the Active Learning Platform.

We’ll explore how its features can be used to enhance the traditional lecture format and to support inquiry-based learning, flipped classrooms and small-group discovery learning.

You’ll step into students’ shoes for a short while to experience the benefits from their perspective. We’ll then look at how the ALP tools enable instructors to be responsive to students in real-time and harness powerful analytics to understand students’ engagement with learning content.

This will be an immersive, interactive experience – bring your laptop, phone or tablet to participate!

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