End of semester—how MyUni can help you

Did you know that MyUni Canvas has some useful features that may help you as we work towards the end of the semester?

You can use Canvas to:

  • weight assignments so Canvas does the calculations for you
  • exempt a student from a specific assignment
  • edit scores and add zero grades for missing assignments
  • download the Gradebook results to Excel

Handy hints:

Enter zeros in gradebook for missing assignments
At the end of the semester, it is important that you check your gradebook and make sure that you have zeros entered in for missing assignments (where students didn’t submit an assignment). If you don’t enter in a zero for these missing assignments, students will see an inflated grade that does not accurately represent their grade in your course.

Important note: using the “Treat ungraded assignments as zero” option in the gradebook does not actually give the students a zero for missing work. It shows up on the Instructor’s side to provide a visual guide—but does not change the grade on the student file. Please remember that you will still need to enter in zeros for all missing work!

At the end of the semester, the easiest way to enter zeros for missing work is to go to the gradebook and search for blank spots. If you see one (indicating a missing assignment), you can click on it and enter “0” – How do I enter and edit scores in the Gradebook?

If you are excusing the student from the assignment and don’t want the assignment to count against the student, enter “EX” for excused in the gradebook (or Speedgrader) for that student’s grade – How do I excuse an assignment for a student in the Gradebook? This will help keep your gradebook clean and remind you (and the student) that they are not responsible for turning in that specific assignment.

Save and print Gradebook
You can save and print your gradebook using the Export feature to provide you with a CSV file that you can use in Excel. For more information see – How do I download scores from the Gradebook?

Save and print attendance
Export a CSV file from the Attendance Report to use in Excel. For more information see – How do I run Roll Call Attendance reports in a course?


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