MyUni course ‘rollover’ is changing

The process for ‘course rollover’ is changing in the new MyUni Canvas.

Previously, your course rolled over annually as part of a bulk batch process—along with unwanted content requiring manual clean up. With MyUni Canvas, course coordinators now have the flexibility to choose when to ‘set up’ a new course themselves—and what content to import— for the next semester.

Course setup benefits Infographic

What do you need to do?
There are two options available to refresh or build your course/s. Visit the MyUni Learning Centre to see detailed instructions for each option.

 ReUseContent  NewRedesign


  • If you are coordinating, other courses in the second half of the year, that have not previously run from MyUni (Canvas), the MyUni Transform Project Team will be in touch soon about transforming the course/s into MyUni (Canvas).
  • If the course/s listed above will not be running in the second half of the year or meets one of the ‘optionally exempt’ criteria for MyUni (Canvas), please let us know.
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