Evidence-based decision-making: using data to improve insight and effective change

Learning analytics gives insight into the specific learning and teaching behaviours associated with the most favourable learning outcomes.

Embedding actionable learning analytics into the curriculum design enables real-time, evidence-based decision-making for both students and teachers.

Come along to this interactive presentation to engage with the learning analytics available in Canvas and the Echo360 Active Learning Platform.

Evidence-based decision-making enables modification of learning and teaching practices associated with improved student outcome, without needing to wait for SELTs as the only quantitative measure. You can make changes during the teaching period—or even during your class!

This session explores practical connections between learning analytics and learning design, identified through Canvas and Echo, and further data exploration through the Learning Analytics project. We will present a diversity of pedagogic data including formative and summative assessments, and discuss learning preferences in specifics contexts.

In addition to discussing data from individual courses, we will explore common and disparate patterns of delivery and student engagement. There is value in being mindful of inclusion and diversity; it is clear that no one size nor practice fits all.

Where: Room 1, B17, Basement, Ingkarni Wardli

When:  11.10am – 11.40am

Presenters: Dr David Wilson and Travis Cox

More information:

The Learning Analytics Community of Practice will also be in The Cog from 1:00-2:30 pm to discuss Learning Analytics after this presentation.  Visit Adelaide’s newest learning space to hear more insights.

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