See through the eyes of your students

Blog by Martin Basic, Support Consultant

If you’re anything like me, you want your course to look right – without spending an eternity tweaking. The recently released Student View (SV) account feature allows you to see what your students see, and goes a long way toward making that process simple; but how do you make the most of it?

Previously, the core Student View tool in Canvas wouldn’t let you to step into the shoes of a student for tools like Echo360 or Turnitin. Now, with an SV account, you can do just that. Spent time building some activity slides or Turnitin assignments for your class? Just hop into your SV account and take those slides and submissions for a test run. Instructors have already reported the usefulness of this approach for building their confidence with MyUni learning tools.

You can make the whole process even more efficient by opening two separate browser windows and arranging them side-by-side on your screen. After logging into your regular account in one window and your SV account in the other, you can see how changes you make as an instructor are reflected for your students in real-time. No more umming and ahing about whether you’ve made things clear enough or if everyone can see it – now you’ll know for sure.

Martin is a Support Consultant at the University of Adelaide.

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