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Blog by John Murphy, Learning Designer

Academic Staff at The University of Adelaide are embracing The Learning Glass as an effective teaching tool. It allows you to draw and write notes on a transparent screen using coloured pens while facing and speaking to a camera. Unlike a traditional whiteboard, The Learning Glass allows for natural eye contact, relaxed gestures and greater engagement with students.

Dr. Danny Stevenson, Director of Teaching Operations at the School of Mathematical Sciences, has found it “very useful for making recordings of worked examples to supplement those done in lectures, and for making short instructional videos to help clear up conceptual misunderstandings that students may have.”

For Danny, the appeal of The Learning Glass is that “it is very easy to use, and it makes high quality recordings in a short time and in a distraction-free environment.”

You simply record your presentation to USB using a touch control panel, auto-scroll through a script as you present, then edit your video afterwards or upload directly to your MyUni course.

Watch a short video to discover how to best use The Learning Glass.

Arrange an orientation before use at ECMS staff can book Engineering Maths AV 2.06 via their Outlook Calendar.

John is a Learning Designer at the University of Adelaide.

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