Empowering my students to improve their results

Guest blog by Associate Professor Kerry Wilkinson
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In February 2017, I provided my students with insights and findings from the 2016 teaching of the course as a means of feedforward. I encouraged my students to increase their activity in MyUni suggesting this could lead to improved results. I shared the following data, derived from the LMS, which indicated the correlation between these two factors in a 2016 oenology course (Fig.i).

LA 1
Fig. i.  Average percentage of days active in the 2016, Trimester 3 Grape and Wine Production course grouped by final grade.

This information was shared with my 2017 students via a discussion post.  Each of the students who read the post became more active in terms of percentage of days active within the course after reading the post (Fig. ii).

LA 2
Fig. ii. Percentage of days active before (green) and after (black) reading the discussion post.

Overall student activity increased as the course progressed towards assessment in April. However, students that read the post before April first showed an increase in activity approximately 10 days before their peers (24/03/17) (Fig. iii).

LA 3

Fig. iii. Count of active students among those that read the discussion post before April 2017 (5 Students) and those that didn’t (33 Students).

It was also observed that students who read the post in the middle of the 85 day course (the 9-11th March) showed double the level of activity in the second half, whilst those that failed to read the post increased their own activity by 70% (Fig. iv).

LA 4

Fig. iv. Activity before and after 10/03/17 for students that viewed post 9-11th March and those that did not view it at all.

This was my first attempt to demonstrate the correlation between student engagement in MyUni and an increase in my student’s results.

Note: even when a correlation can be seen within a course, there will always be outliers in the data, i.e. active students with low results and less active ones with high results.

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