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From PAF to SPLAT: desperately seeking peer assessment

Guest blog by Dr Hayley McGrice, Lecturer, School of Animal and Veterinary Science   The Student & Peer Learning Assessment Tool (SPLAT) – an equitable way to assign individual grades for groups assignments that reflect the contributions of each student. Let’s talk group work: Academics like it because it teaches our students team work skills, […]

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Want to enhance graduate employability but don’t have the time? Try these simple ideas right away!

Blog by Ewan Wallace & Cecily Wright     Whether you agree with it or not, student expectations of universities are changing, and employment and employability are high on the list. A recent survey suggests students rank high quality teaching as the most important reason when choosing a university, and over 50% believe a high graduate […]

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Finalising your Gradebook – 3 keys to success

Blog by Adi Rai and Martin Basic    We’re almost at the finish line for Semester 2, so don’t let your Gradebook slow you down in the race. Here are 3 keys to ensuring you look your best on the podium: Mark all non-submissions as 0: Use the assignment drop-down menu to assign a 0 score […]

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Building your 2018 MyUni course

When can I get started? Courses for 2018 will be created in MyUni towards the end of 2017. There will be an announcement in MyUni when courses for 2018 are available. If you’d like to get started on your 2018 course now, please contact MyUni Support to request creation of a course shell. Will my […]

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