Finalising your Gradebook – 3 keys to success

Blog by Adi Rai and Martin Basic
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We’re almost at the finish line for Semester 2, so don’t let your Gradebook slow you down in the race. Here are 3 keys to ensuring you look your best on the podium:

  • Mark all non-submissions as 0:
    • Use the assignment drop-down menu to assign a 0 score for non-submissions. This will let you mark students who didn’t submit, ensuring your weighted totals are calculated correctly for all students.Take care not to lose existing marks by leaving the Overwrite already-entered grades box unchecked.
  • Use the Export function to send your Gradebook to an Excel spreadsheet format:
  • Unmute any assignments/grade totals:
    • If you want students to see provisional marks in MyUni, then don’t forget to unmute any assignments or grade totals that may have been otherwise hidden throughout the Semester.

You can find all these tips and so much more in the MyUni Learning Centre – drop by today!

Martin Basic and Adi Rai are Support Consultants at the University of Adelaide.

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