MyUni features update


MyUni is regularly updated with new features and fixes. You can keep up to date by visiting the What’s new in MyUni page in the MyUni Learning Centre.

Some of the latest updates:

  • Groups – identify inactive students in a group and move their group memberships:
    • Using the Student Inactive Status, instructors can view the inactive label for students within a group. This change helps instructors identify inactive students in a group and move group memberships, if necessary. Note: Inactive Status is applied to students who withdraw after census date.
  • Group assignment submissions are associated with all members of the group including previously uploaded files:
    • File upload submissions previously uploaded to Canvas are now associated for all group members. When a student previously uploaded a file to Canvas and submitted that file as a group assignment file upload, the submission was only associated with the student who submitted the file and not the entire group. Canvas code has been updated to associate previously uploaded files for all members of a group assignment.
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