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Blog by Kym Schutz, Educational Technologist

Suppose it was that easy. You now have a quick and effective pathway to share your ideas, then work with your peers to have the ideas prioritised and implemented into MyUni.

You have been asking us how to enable ideas that could improve your teaching and learning through the use of technology. We now have an easy way to support the implementation of your ideas. The focus is on technology concepts that could be enabled as features in MyUni. You can submit ideas in quick time through the MyUni Feature Request process. If you’re unsure whether an idea meets the criteria submit it anyway!

Ideas currently prioritised for development include:

  • Quizlet
  • Canvas: ability to show quiz instructions to students prior to the quiz opening
  • Blogger

The MyUni Feature Request Framework enables you to very quickly:

  1. Check to see if someone else has already submitted the new idea or feature.
  2. Check if there is a new or existing technology available that might enhance the idea.
  3. Submit ideas or new features using an online request form.

Firstly, to see if someone else has previously submitted the idea, check the MyUni Feature Requests board (in Trello). The latest requests from staff are shown as cards in the “Inbox – received request”. Our team at Learning Enhancement & Innovation (LEI) will do a pre-evaluation before making a recommendation to the Learning Technologies Operations Group (LTOG). LTOG has member representation from all academic faculties.

LTOG will prioritise the feature request and then we:

  • Move it to the Feature Backlog if seen as a high priority or
  • Move to the Review Later if it needs more support from academics or
  • Move it to Cold Storage if it will only be considered again if there are changes to the feature due to issues such risk or cost.

If you don’t see a feature on the Feature request board (In Trello) that supports your idea, you could do some quick research on possible tools that support the idea. In the EduAppCenter you can find technology applications that may provide a solution. Usually these applications are called LTIs. (Learning Tools Interoperability). If you don’t find what you want here, then the go straight to the online request form and describe the idea in the sections titled – “What is the name of the tool or feature?” and “Describe what you see as the benefit of this tool or feature for staff?”

Finally, complete the form and click the submit button. LEI will respond to the request as soon as possible, and keep you informed of the progress. You can also check the status of any request on the MyUni Feature Requests Trello Board to see if it is being worked on or implemented.

For more information about ideas and other information in this article, contact, Learning Enhancement & Innovation.

Kym Schutz is an educational technologist at the University of Adelaide.

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