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Blog by Kym Schutz, Educational Technologist
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Do you need to record class attendance? Many courses require students to attend class and there are a variety of reasons for taking attendance. In at least one of our program areas, class attendance is an industry requirement and these courses have an 80% attendance requirement for students to pass. In some other examples, attendance is linked to study visa requirements. We want to know more about your attendance taking needs. You’re invited to do this short survey: two minute attendance survey.

Have you considered using MyUni to record class attendance? MyUni includes an attendance tool that makes it very easy to record class attendance. The screenshot below shows the main features. For large classes it can be viewed as a list.
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Whilst there is no automated way to take attendance, a neat trick for recording attendance in large classes is to record everyone as present and then change those missing to absent. You can also easily access and download an attendance report that shows attendance details of all students in the class.

If the Attendance feature is not showing in your course menu, you can turn it on through the navigation menu in your course settings. Find out more about the Canvas Attendance tool. This includes setting up attendance as a marked assignment that counts toward the student grade.

For more information about the survey, ideas and other information in this article, contact, Learning Enhancement & Innovation.

Kym Schutz is an Educational Technologist at the University of Adelaide.

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