Take the next step – Echo360’s Active Learning Platform

As you are preparing for teaching and thinking about how to get your students more engaged in the lecture theatre, it’s time to give the Active Learning Platform (ALP) a try.

Many of you have heard about the Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) but in brief you can use ALP to embed interactive slides into your presentation to increase engagement in your lecture. Using interactive slides can enhance learning moments for students. ALP will also provide you with insights into how students consume the content of your lectures.

Around 125 courses gave it a try in 2017 – so the experimental hard yards are already done!

What students at Adelaide thought of ALP

Students responded favourably to instructors use of ALP in lectures.

It gives me the autonomy I need for my own self-directed learning anonymous response from a student in the 2017 ALP case study.

Most students using ALP found it useful for their learning and believed that using the active learning features in Echo360 increased their engagement in class (as indicated in the 2017 case study feedback results).

What two global Academic peers think

In an ALP workshop presented at The University of Adelaide by Dr. Colin Montpetit, Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, he stated that

Switching up lecture activities helps students stay focused because it breaks up the time and keeps students alert and engaged with the material. It immediately changes the energy in the room.

See this post for the full article.

Professor Perry Samson (University of Michigan) shared a number of insights during a webinar with the University of Adelaide in late 2016. Full blog article here. Dr Samson’s insights include a short video (2:28mins) of his use of live ‘hotspot’ questioning with student rationale, to increase his class engagement.

How to get started

Visit the Active Learning Platform page in the MyUni Learning Centre for further details and help resources.

You can also contact a Learning Designer for advice on using ALP to encourage more active learning in lectures.

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