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Blog article by Kym Schutz, Educational Technologist
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Academics have asked for a MyUni tool that provides a way for students to assess the contributions of individual members in their team, as well as themselves when doing groupwork. SPLAT (Self and Peer Learning Assessment Tool) now available in all courses, provides a confidential assessment mechanism that has been designed to score how well students have participated in a group activity.

SPLAT is an external tool assignment in the Gradebook. The normal criteria it assesses are:

  • Teamwork and Communication Skills
  • Career and Leadership Readiness
  • Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

A SPLAT assignment is done in conjunction with group work. Towards the end of this work, students are asked to allocate points to group members and themselves, based on the above criteria. The SPLAT tool then generates two scores, a SPLAT/PAF and a SAPA. The SPLAT/PAF (Peer Assessment Factor) is a number that represents how well a student contributed to the group work. The SAPA (Self-Assessment over Peer Assessment) is a value that indicates whether a student undervalued or overvalued their group contribution. See the FAQs for more details on how these scores are calculated and what they represent.

The SPLAT/PAF score can be used to moderate group assessment scores. Learn more about SPLAT in MyUni Learning Centre. For further background information on SPLAT see previous article by Dr Hayley McGrice.

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