Evidence-Based Decision Making: Using Learning Analytics to Improve Learning and Teaching Outcomes

David Wilson

Guest blog by Dr David Wilson, Lecturer | Head of Molecular Physiology of Vascular Function Research Group, School of Medical Sciences

I would like to share a tip that will help you choose the best submission time for assignments.

Student activity in the LMS: Learning Analytics data indicate that in the evenings students are most active in the LMS between 7:30 and 10:30 pm.

Suggested action: There is an advantage to making assignments due at 23:59, one minute to midnight. Most folks work to a deadline and this time reduces the likelihood that students will miss a class, tute or practical session to finish an assignment due at 5 pm or 9 am.

For group assignments or assignments that require significant bandwidth for upload submission into MyUni consider making the due time 5 pm – this encourages the use of the high-speed University systems.

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