Interactive Learning Activities using Quizlet

Blog article by Kym Schutz, Educational Technologist


Quizlet brings seamless interactive activities to your MyUni pages?

Academics are constantly looking for ways to create engaging interactive professionally produced activities that offer alternative ways to present content. Quizlet allows you to add to millions of already available open content activities that are simple to use or to create from scratch. Quizlet focuses on memorisation activities, so it is ideal for learning languages but is also a great way to introduce facts or to match images with definitions in any subject area. The activities are created automatically into a study set that includes flashcards, fill-in-the-blank, simple learning sequences, matching, spelling, self-test and a game format.

You can explore Quizlet study sets at When you locate a useful study set, make sure you remember the exact title so you can easily embed it into your course through the MyUni LTI. The steps for this are shown in the Quizlet Quick Start Guide instructions. When you have seen how the study sets work you can create your own account then Design your own Interactive Study Set. There are different ways you can view the activities on your MyUni page. The most common technique is to use one of the activities as a formative learning activity by embedding into your page then setting the embed code so that it always starts on your preferred activity. Another way is to embed an activity in a simple quiz as a way of checking that students have done complete the activity. These guidelines are available on the Advanced Embedding a Quizlet Activity into your Course page.


Example of a Flashcard about engineering careers.

Learn more about designing and delivering content such as Quizlet in the MyUni Learning Centre.  If you have any further questions please contact Kym Schutz. If you need at elbow support in creating your own Quizlet Study Sets, please fill out the Learning Resource Development Form.

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